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We build the most efficient Waste to Energy solutions in the world

We turn uncontrolled landfills into clean energy, jobs and healthy communities.

Eliminating the need for landfills with sustainable Waste to Energy plants can play an important role in tackling climate change globally and building healthy societies locally. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) suggests that building the infrastructure to deal with waste when it can no longer be recycled, reused, or upcycled, is the first step on the Pathway to the Circular Economy.

Once established, Waste to Energy plants become the cornerstone to develop Ecoparks. These circular waste management hubs extract as many valuable resources from waste as possible. It possesses an integrated waste management chain that includes recycling and resource recovery, energy generation, recycled products and long-term employment.

From: unsustainable waste disposal

To: EcoParks – full circular waste solutions

Our technology: developed in Amsterdam over the past 100 years

What makes Harvest Waste’s solution unique is its unrivalled efficiency which makes the business case attractive for low-income countries as well as more developed regions. Our High-Efficiency Waste to Energy technology was developed and validated in Amsterdam by the Amsterdam municipality and the Dutch government over the past 100 years. Our company is a spin-out of AEB – the 142-year-old waste management company of the municipality of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Today Amsterdam consistently ranks in the top 3 of global clean and sustainable cities.

The High-Efficiency technology development by the municipality of Amsterdam has resulted in the most efficient and cleanest Waste to Energy facility in the world. This is recognized by amongst others DNV GL and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water. In Amsterdam we have over 100 years’ experience in Waste to Energy during which 4 generations of Waste to Energy technology have been engineered, implemented and operated. Our High-Efficiency technology is widely acknowledged as “beyond Best Available Technology” and produces more electricity than any other waste incineration technology.

AEB facility Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AEB facility in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Harvest Waste’s
High-Efficiency Waste to Energy (HE WtE) plants

  • Produce  >25% more electricity from the same waste amount
  • Compared to landfill, avoid 120% CO2 equivalent emissions
  • Show emission levels that are on average 60% lower than the EU directives
  • Achieve lowest total cost of ownership per ton
High-Efficiency Waste to Energy plants

From Waste to Energy to EcoParks

Once established, our High-Efficiency Waste to Energy plants can be expanded into fully circular Ecoparks. In an Ecopark, waste becomes part of a circular value chain where partners take on different aspects of the waste value stream. From waste sorting and recycling, to upgrading waste streams and production of new products.

Ecoparks facilitate a full Circular Economy that can provide thousands of formal jobs, clean energy for citizens, eliminate urban pollution and avoid millions of tons of CO2 and methane.

From Waste to Energy to Ecoparks

Ecosystem of partners

Sweep Smart logo

SweepSmart offers modern segregated waste management solutions based on European waste management knowledge tailored to emerging and developing countries.

Hyva logo

Hyva is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative and highly efficient transport solutions for waste

Unincorp logo

Umincorp’s unique technology converts plastic packaging waste into high grade products.

Harvest Waste logo

Harvest Waste HE WtE plants produce >25% more electricity than conventional ones leading to a 120% GHG reduction when compared to a landfill.

Blue Phoenix Group logo

Blue Phoenix Group – Globally implemented technology for recovery and upgrade of fine metals from municipal waste ash.

seventyF creates architectural designs that connect the community with the environment we live in.

Harvest Waste drives your waste management

Because every urban cleanup is different, we tailor the process and the set-up of our plant to suit local circumstances. Our goal is to maximize the recovery of resources from waste so the High-Efficiency Waste to Energy plant becomes the cornerstone for a thriving Circular Economy. Harvest Waste is involved from idea to operation, bringing together the right stakeholders and knowledge at each stage of the process;

  • Masterplanning
  • Financing solutions
  • Design & Implementation
  • Development
  • Operation & Management


  • Clean, affordable, and reliable energy

    With >25% higher electricity production than conventional WtE technologies, HE WtE plants provide local communities and businesses with the highest electricity generation per ton of waste

  • Lower GHG emissions

    A Harvest Waste plant reduces 1 ton of CO2 equivalent per ton of waste processed

  • Local employment

    Each WtE plant generates hundreds of jobs for local community members.

  • Healthy environment

    As sea levels rise, landfills are increasingly exposed to flood risk and associated contaminations. Eliminating uncontrolled landfills through HE WtE means cleaner air, reduced chance of waterways pollution, providing cleaner urban areas and decreasing potential public health risks

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